Pre-purchase Drainage Surveys or Standard Drainage Surveys

Croft Drainage Solutions offer a wide range of survey options right across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Following a survey, we can offer you advice, drainage repair or replacement drainage system, depending on the outcome of the problem. Surveys conducted within 20 miles of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire are offered an initial free site visit.

All our surveys are carried out in line with the Chartered Building Company regulations and are Construction Line approved.

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Pre-purchasing home drainage surveys

What should I check if I’m buying or selling a property served by a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant?

Whether you are aware of the terminology or not, a pre-purchase drainage survey is a must for anyone buying or selling a property which is not connected to a normal sewage system.

Anyone who owns a property or is looking to buy a property with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant must undergo additional checks to the basic survey requirement as part of a mortgage process.

The general home buyers house survey does not cover checks on such systems and here at Croft Drainage, we have seen many a client stung by additional costs uncovered after a sale of a house has gone through. Septic tank repairs can cost upwards of £5,000 which you, as the new owner would be responsible for if not spotted before contracts are exchanged.

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Don't be caught out by unexpected costs

Always check the condition of your drainage system.

Whether you are moving to, or selling a property that has a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, it is important you understand the condition the existing system is in.

We undertake a pre-purchase drainage survey in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. Things you need to consider during a pre-purchase drainage survey are:

  • Is there evidence that the seller has had the system maintained by an accredited engineer (for example British Water). Has it been regularly desludged by an authorised waste carrier? With receipts to prove this?
  • Proof that the system is in good structural order and there isn’t any history of problems?
  • Proof the drainage is functioning correctly?
  • No evidence of flooding or pollution in the garden or surrounding area?
  • Proof it adheres to the General binding rules for small sewage discharges (SSDs) with effect from January 2015

Buying a house is probably the largest investment you will ever make. So why cut corners?

How a pre-purchase drainage survey works

We can survey the system and present a full report to you identifying any issues with the system and proposed solutions to the problems. We carry out pre-purchase drainage surveys and buyers septic surveys in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire – Contact us today to organise a drainage survey in Lincolnshire.

As the buyer you need to understand the house drainage system and how to operate and maintain the system. The seller should be able to offer advice on this. We can assist you with this and undertake periodic drainage system maintenance, as well as pre-purchase drainage surveys.

As your building society or bank valuation report is unlikely to cover these aspects adequately we would advise you to arrange a site inspection. To include the house drains, the septic tank or sewage treatment plant and the drainage field where installed.

As well as pre-purchase surveys, if you are a potential buyer of a property with a Septic Tank or a Sewage Treatment Plant, we can undertake a purchaser’s drainage survey. This will detail what is on site and any gaps in the system. It may be the case that the owner of the property you’re looking to purchase is obliged to upgrade the system as part of the sale.

Standard Drainage Survey

Croft Drainage Solutions can provide all the standard drainage survey in Lincolnshire. Our range of surveys includes:

  • Domestic homebuyers’ CCTV drainage surveys – Condition based CCTV survey often required by lenders to avoid expensive repairs after purchase. With full report and DVD recorded evidence
  • Building over or near to a sewer – Pre & post construction condition CCTV drainage surveys – condition based surveys for contractors and developers to determine a drainage system location and condition. Either prior to works starting or after the works have finished ensuring building standards have been adhered to
  • Drainage appraisal – drainage system failure – A CCTV drainage survey is the only way to ensure the structural condition of the drain or sewer is acceptable. If you have any breaks or cracks in a pipe this can cause the drainage system to block and cause flooding to property
  • New Drainage Scheme – A survey to provide advice and costings for a new drainage scheme, septic tank and drainage field system, sewage treatment plant or extension/alterations to a property
  • Rainwater Management – Drainage survey Lincolnshire to advise on rainwater management. Including harvesting and stormwater management
  • Underground Site Investigations – another use for our CCTV equipment, Site investigations aren’t disruptive to your day-to-day life, we’ll either dig shallow trial pits or alternatively drill shallow boreholes. This gives us a really good idea of what is going on underground at your site.
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Drain Cleaning Services

We offer reactive and planned drain cleaning services for domestic and commercial systems.

Planned work occurs to either enable us to look at the drain (for example if it is already blocked) or as a result of finding a problem during the drainage survey. We also offer a fully reactive service if needed via our trusted partners.

The services include:

  • High Pressure Drain Jetting
  • Colour CCTV Surveys & Reports
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