New Drainage Installation

Croft Drainage Solutions offer a full range of drainage installation services across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. We can:

  • Build new and replacement sewage treatment plant systems
  • Add extensions to your disposal system. Such as grease traps and polishing units, to increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring
  • Install replacement and ancillary parts such as pumps, compressors, and service items
  • Maintenance Contracts. We offer regular inspection, servicing and maintenance contracts for domestic and commercial customers. Each contract is tailored to the requirements of the individual customer
  • Integrate sustainable urban drainage features including reed bed systems, swales and other methods. To achieve greater environmental benefit and low energy costs for your bespoke drainage system.

We will take you through all stages of the drainage installation, including choosing the most appropriate solution for your situation. We will agree all works up front with you and explain what we will be doing, the impact it will have on the site and how the site will look once we have completed the work.

Contact us if you would like more information.

Our offer:

  • An initial phone consultation where we will discuss your needs and explain the drainage installation options
  • We will then give you an estimate of the potential costs and solutions over the phone
  • If you are still interested, we will offer a FREE site visit to discuss the drainage installation in more detail and firm up a quote for you
  • This will be backed up by a written quote within 5 working days of our visit to site
  • If you would then like to proceed we will give you an outline plan detailing start and finish dates with a single point of contact for the project. We normally usually ask for a 10% deposit to secure the drainage installation, at which point we will confirm a convenient time for us to come to site and start the work
  • Once completed we will guarantee our workmanship for 12 months (the plant itself will have a manufacturer’s guarantee)
  • We can offer you a service package if needed

Our Packages

Because we understand every customer/builder has different needs we offer the following packages that can be built into your quote:

  1. STANDARD Self Reinstatement / Rectification Package

This is our standard installation. We will carry out plant and drainage installation in line with Building Regulations. Then reinstate to a surface level using a mixture of the material excavated on site and imported topsoil. The customer then completes the final finish. This is popular where you need a quick drainage installation or where there is other site work ongoing and the area is going to be landscaped at a later date.

  1. ENHANCED Private Garden / Amenity Area / Important Structure or Area Package

For customers who need the highest level of reinstatement. The area is put back as it was before the work started. This will incur a cost premium. However, in some cases customers like us to take care of all the work required to both install the plant and put the area back to as it was. This includes our installation team taking precautions to minimise damage. Such as removing and relaying turf if required, and/or apply ground protection mats. Removing and replacing hard landscaping items such as paths and fences. Popular where we are working in a well-established garden.

  1. BASIC Self build / Construction Company Package

We will install the plant and pipework and then leave all the reinstatement over the pipe bedding and surround to the customer. Common where a full self-build is taking place and the customer would like to save costs by completing the backfill and reinstatement themselves. If necessary, we can return at a later date to undertake the plant commissioning which will also validate the warranty.


This is a combination of the above packages. Popular where we are working in mixed conditions. For example, the plant is in a well-established garden, but the drainage field is in an adjacent field or paddock.


Areas we cover

Croft Drainage Solutions cover Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. We can advise you on all aspects of new drainage installations. To discuss your requirements further contact us for an informal chat.

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