Disposing of fat and oil in drains

Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG)

The problem of disposing of fats, oils and greases is a growing issue.

Water company and Environmental Health are focusing increasingly on blockage ‘hot spot’ areas. This means that if you run a commercial establishment, how you dispose of fats, oils and greases will come under greater scrutiny.

Grease traps are becoming utilised more and more. They are the most effective method of trapping grease before it gets too far down the pipework.

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What happens to the waste pipes?

As the fats, oils and greases build up in the pipework they start to restrict the flow in the pipe.

Eventually, this leads to a full blockage. This can cause serious issues for commercial premises and their customers.

These blockages occur because many catering establishments have inadequate procedures in place to dispose of fats and food waste incorrectly. The use of food waste macerators only makes matters worse. As this allows food particles to mix with the fats, oils and greases and block the pipes. Also, where grease traps are fitted they are not always maintained and emptied regularly.

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What’s the answer?

The water industry has published best practice guidelines to ensure that fats, oils and grease are disposed of correctly and do not enter drains and sewers. These guidelines are available here.

The expert team at Croft Drainage Solutions can offer advice on the type of grease trap best suited to your business. As well as the optimum size needed and where it should be placed. Then install the traps using our own teams if required.

In addition, we have a partner organisation who can advise you on dosing systems to reduce the volume of fats, oils and greases that need disposing of. They can also offer you a maintenance programme for the emptying of the grease traps and refilling the dosing equipment.

This allows us to offer a full investigation, solution, installation and routine maintenance service. Contact us if you would like more information. Areas we cover include Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

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