Is your drainage issue covered under your home insurance?

Could your drainage system be repaired or replaced under your buildings insurance?

Am I insured for drainage repair or replacement?

Many property owners do not realise that the costs to replace or repair household drainage systems are often covered by their existing buildings insurance policy.  It’s not necessary to have specific plumbing and drainage insurance in place.

The thought of registering a claim with an insurer can be daunting.  What if they turn the claim down?  What if they have technical questions about how the system works?

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What is typically covered?

If your drainage system has been regularly emptied and maintained, it is likely UKDP can help. They can also help if your drainage system has previously functioned without issue but suddenly appears to have failed.

The following types of drainage system damage are usually covered by buildings insurance:

  • Root damage to a soakaway, pipework or tank
  • Cracks or fractures in pipes and tanks affecting their structure
  • Broken dip pipes or t-pipes on outlet
  • Collapsed or damaged baffle
  • Tanks that have moved by ground pressure or flooding
  • Damage to tanks by vehicle movement

We work alongside UKDP

As part of our continuing policy of improvement in customer care, we have teamed up with UKDP.

They are the UK’s leading claims management company, specialising entirely in managing claims for damaged drainage systems. This includes septic tankssewage treatment plants and cesspits.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, UKDP’s aim is to remove the stress and confusion for property owners. Managing everything on their behalf from registering the claim, through to meeting insurers and answering any technical queries.

What do I do next?

Contact the team at Croft Drainage Solutions if you are experiencing problems with your property’s drainage system.

We will visit to find out more about what’s gone wrong.  If there is damage to the system which we feel may be covered by your buildings insurance, we will be there to guide you. We can assist you in completing a simple form and questionnaire. Enabling the UKDP to work on your behalf.

Allowing UKDP to present a detailed report to insurers.  A member of the UKDP team will be on hand to attend any visits to your property by insurers. They will also be on hand to answer any technical questions.  The UKDP team will liaise with your insurer through to settlement of your claim. Once the claim is agreed Croft Drainage Solutions will be able to book in the agreed works.

The only cost to you, if your claim is successful, is any excess due on your policy. You should check your policy documents, but this is typically around £50-£150.  If your claim is not successful, there is no cost at all.  Croft Drainage Solutions covers UKDP’s fees as an extra service to our customers. 


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