Cesspit Repair & Advice

Croft Drainage Solutions can advise you if you require a cesspit repair or replacement, if needed. Usually fitted as a last resort when all other options have been explored. They are costly to empty and there is also a greater pollution risk if they fail. We cover cesspit repair in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, contact us if you need further advice.

What is a Cesspit?

A Cesspit (also known as a cesspool) is an underground watertight container or tank without an outflow (discharge). Used for collecting domestic wastewater and for storing sewage. This is then removed periodically by tanker. The storage capacity for a Cesspit should be sufficient for at least 45 days’ retention with a minimum volume of 18 cubic metres.

Entrance to brick built cesspit

Entrance to brick built cesspit

How does a Cesspit Work?

A Cesspit is a sealed, watertight underground tank.  It captures wastewater and sewage and simply collects it, without processing or treating it at all.

Repairing Cesspits

Common cesspit repair problems include failing lids, leaking through the structure of the tank due to structural failure, leakage due to deliberate actions by previous owners and general lack of maintenance. We have come across situations where the purchaser of a property has been told it is a septic tank. Our pre-sale drainage surveys will identify what system the property has and the condition of the system.

New manhole cover fitted to cesspit

New manhole cover fitted to cesspit


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