Surface Water Flooding

Case study: Surface Water Flooding

Blocked ditch causing surface water flooding

Ditch prior to work starting

Location: Roadside drainage in Gainsborough

The problem: Surface water flooding caused by blocked drainage ditch

The solution: Ditch cleared, connections located, cleared and mapped

Benefit to the client: Risk of surface water flooding reduced and routine maintenance can be undertaken

The problem

Over a number of years the ditch had filled with silt and discarded rubbish. In addition it was heavily overgrown. The connections feeding into the ditch were not known and there were no records showing their locations. Due to the amount of debris in the ditch the outlets were buried and blocked.

Outlet under old entrance to Marshall's Playing Fields

Located blocked outlet

The Solution

Full traffic management was used involving 3 way lights to enable safe access to the ditch. We cleared  it of all rubbish and debris, located and cleared all connections. We then mapped the ditch, its connections and recorded their locations to allow regular maintenance to take place.

Cleared ditch alongside Middlefield Lane

2.5 Tonne Excavator clearing ditch

Ditch after clearing

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