Dip Pipe Repair in a Septic Tank

Location: Rural property near Epworth, Nottinghamshire

The problem: A septic tank repair was needed as the dip-pipe or T-piece on the outlet of the septic tank was missing

The solution: A new T-piece was installed

Benefit to the client: The septic tank worked as designed

The drainage problem

The existing vitrified clay dip pipe had broken off the tank outlet and was allowing solids to exit the septic tank.

The Croft drainage solution

We installed a new dip-pipe / T-piece by excavating on the outlet of the septic tank. New pipework was then installed and mortared into the outlet wall of the tank. We then reinstated the area.

          New Dip Pipe installed

The images display the excavation performed to enable installation of a new dip pipe.

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