Failed Septic Tank Replacement

Replacement of a failed septic tank and drainage field. In an agricultural location

Location: A farmstead in rural South Wales

View of failed septic tank

View towards existing Septic Tank

The problem: Failed septic tank and non-functioning drainage field

The solution: Installation of a new sewage treatment plant discharging to surface water. Due to a failed percolation test ruling out a drainage field

Benefit to the client: Replacement integrated sewage treatment system. Providing a long term sustainable solution to a number of rural properties

The problem

Failed Septic Tank

Failed liner in Septic Tank

A septic tank and drainage field had been installed a number of years ago. Over time, the performance had deteriorated and the system was backing up on a regular basis. Bad smells and poorly flushing toilets were beginning to cause problems. A site visit and investigation showed that the structure of the septic tank had failed. Allowing in ground water. The drainage field had been overloaded and was not operating efficiently.

The solution

Following percolation tests it became clear the area was not suitable for a drainage field. However there was a stream on the land that would allow a surface water discharge from a suitable system. We decided to carry out a failed septic tank replacement.

In this instance we selected a Falcon biodigester domestic sewage treatment plant. Manufactured entirely from robust and corrosion free materials. It also came complete with a 25 year guarantee.

New sewage treatment plant

New stock proofed Sewage Treatment Plant

Virtually silent whilst operating with very little odour, the compact design meant that there was little impact on the field. The system discharges a very clean effluent. That could be discharged directly into the stream in the land owner’s property.

The 25 year tank manufacturer warranty was a definite bonus. Compared to some of the 12 month warranties offered by the cheaper fibreglass models. If you have a similar problem please get in touch.

sewage treatment plant outfall

Headwall and rodent guard at outfall

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