Failed Septic Tank replaced with a Sewage Treatment Plant

Case study: Failed Septic Tank Replacement

Area where original septic tank was

Location: Rural property in Warwickshire

The problem: a failed septic tank and non-functioning drainage field

The solution: Installation of a new sewage treatment plant, discharging to a ditch in the owner’s property

Benefit to the client: Existing septic tank and failed soakaway replaced with an integrated sewage treatment plant system. Providing a long term sustainable solution that complied with all relevant legislation

The problem

The existing septic tank and drainage field had become less and less effective. A failure in the tank had led to the drainage field blocking. Although some drainage was taking place, it was not coping with the incoming flow to the septic tank. This meant the tank was being emptied too frequently until a new system could be installed.

Failed septic tank pipe

Pipework as found before replacement

The solution

Following a site visit and investigation we identified the most effective solution for the client. Percolation tests showed the area was not suitable for a drainage field. Discussions with the client also indicated the potential drainage area flooded during certain times of the year. As such we decided to discharge into a nearby ditch.

For this location we selected a Falcon Biodigester Sewage Treatment Plant. Which is designed for use where the installation of a septic tank is either unacceptable or impractical. And a connection to the main sewer impossible.

FALCON treatment plants are offered with a 25-year warranty on the tanks and a 2-year blower warranty. They also include a compressor failure alarm system as standard, which also forms part of the mandatory requirements.

The plant discharged to a ditch on the client’s property. This entailed laying a drain through 75 metres of garden with access issues and the presence of large trees. However, these issues had been identified during the pre-start visits which meant the project was delivered to time and budget. If you have similar problems please get in touch.

Completed installation

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