Failed Ames Crosta trickling filter

The location: Group of ex Forestry Commission properties near Bourne. Served by a single sewage treatment plant installed in the 1940’s.

The problem: The distribution arm on the trickling filter had corroded and was in danger of collapsing. The distribution chamber and drive wheel had corroded and failed completely.

The solution: Installation of a new distribution chamber and wheel, reinforcing of the distribution arm.

Benefit to the client: The existing plant was in good overall condition and had been well built when constructed. It is driven by gravity and the replacement of parts plus the reinforcing of the distribution arm. Meaning that it will operate effectively for years to come. The customers avoided the expense of installing a completely new trickling filter system.

The trickling filter problem

As the distribution chamber had corroded, the effluent was not being distributed evenly. This was leading to puddling, and an effluent being discharged to the watercourse. In addition, the drive wheel that turned the distribution arm had also corroded and failed. So the effluent that did make it to the distribution arm was not being spread evenly.

WP 20170327 16 08 23 Pro e1505988512223 Failed Ames Crosta trickling filter


The drainage solution

Following a site meeting with the customer, it was decided that the most cost effective solution was to replace the failed trickling filter. As well as reinforcing the weakened distribution arm support. This would result in the effluent being spread across the media surface. Which would then allow it to be treated correctly and lead to a final effluent. The sewage treatment plant design standards would also then be met. The plant is now fully operational and working as originally designed. If you have similar issues please get in touch for an informal chat.

DSC08717 Failed Ames Crosta trickling filter

Strengthened feed arm was added

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