Commercial Drainage System Installation

The problem: Due to the distance to the public sewer an alternative solution was needed for the washroom waste connection.  Croft Drainage Solutions are always on hand to install an advanced drainage system in Lincolnshire.

The solution: The installation of an advanced drainage system (Cesspit) was the most cost effective long term solution.

Benefit to the client: The installed Cesspit allowed the customer to get the new building passed by Building Control and then use it.

The drainage problem

The cost to connect to the public sewer in the Lincolnshire village was prohibitive so an alternative was needed. With the predicted low usage of the toilet in the new building, it was decided that a cesspit would be the most cost effective long term solution. The ground around the building was very overgrown and access to the proposed cesspit location was also very difficult.

The Croft drainage solution

Following a site visit and investigation, we identified the most effective solution for the Lincolnshire-based client.

For this location, we selected a Marsh Industries 10,000 litre cesspit. Marsh plant has a design life of 50 years and are offered with a 25-year warranty.

The land around the building was cleared to allow the cesspit to be installed, the area was then leveled afterwards. A landscape gardener finished the site at a later date. Here are some of the photos showing the complete installation of the drainage system in Lincolnshire.

For further information on cesspit repair and advice, and information on an advanced drainage system in Lincolnshire contact us today.

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