Dangerous Septic Tank Cover

Location: Rural property near Tickhill, Bawtry Nottinghamshire

The problem: Part of the concrete top of the septic tank had collapsed

The solution: We fabricated and installed a new steel cover

Benefit to the client: The existing septic tank cover was dangerous, repairing the cover means the client does not need to install a new septic tank

The drainage problem

The brick and concrete septic tank cover had deteriorated over the years to the point that part of the tank cover had collapsed and fallen into the tank meaning the state of the cover was dangerous. The tank was by a public road which made the situation more hazardous. In this state it was a danger to the public and animals and need sorting in a cost-effective way.

The Croft drainage solution

Following a site visit and investigation, we identified the most effective solution for the client. The rest of the septic tank was in good condition, so we proposed repairing the cover to make it safe.

We fabricated a steel replacement cover and bolted this to the existing septic tank. It was sealed, and mortar added around the edges.

Our work meant the septic tank was now structurally sound. This was achieved without having to install a completely new septic tank.

Information on why it is dangerous to come into contact with sewerage can be found here.

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