Agricultural Waste Water Installation

Location: Large agricultural wastewater installation in North Lincolnshire

The problem: The upgraded potato washer and grader was overloading the existing surface water system.

The solution: Agricultural waste water installation of a new concrete wastewater management system.

Benefit to the client: The system in place was hydraulically overloaded leading to localized flooding. Which in turn made the area unsafe to work in.

The drainage problem

Over time, the original system of dealing with the potato wash water had become overloaded. Due to the capacity of the plant increasing, it had also physically degraded overtime. Both issues had contributed to poor localised working conditions. It had also caused issues with the nearby vehicle access route.

The Croft drainage solution

Agricultural wastewater installation was the key solution here. Initially, we carried out an extensive site survey. It was established that the best way of removing the flooding problem was to create a bespoke cast in situ concrete slab. This was the most controlled manner to move the wastewater.  With built-in drainage channels to move the wastewater.

The plant is now fully operational. All of the wastewater produced is being managed in a sustainable way. With the new drainage installation.


The series of images shows the bespoke cast concrete slab erected to dispose of the wastewater effectively.

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