Our Environmental Projects

November 20, 2019

Conservation is at the heart of all our drainage projects

At Croft Drainage Solutions we care passionately about our environment. The impact of every job is considered and discussed with our customers before any work commences. In addition to what we do on site we aim to improve our local environment. To this end we have undertaken a number of long term environmental projects over the last decade. These include:

Wildflower Meadows – we have planted around 5 acres of wildflower meadows on our home site. At certain times of the year it is open to members of the public. Contact us if you would like to visit the environmental project site.

Croft Farm Our Environmental Projects

Cornflowers at Croft Farm, July

Sand Martins – 3 years ago we excavated a pond on our home site in the hope of attracting Sand Martins. In 2016 we were pleased to see nesting taking place in the sand wall on one side of the pond.

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Sand Martin Nesting Site

  • Swallows – we have retained a number of the old farm sheds and barns and left them undisturbed to allow Swallows to nest in the buildings. They have been doing so for at least the last 30 years and we hope this will continue. We make sure that all building development, takes place outside their nesting season.
  • Tree Planting – for the last 20 years we have used recycled excavated material to construct banks around our home site. These have been planted with over 10,000 trees as part of our long term environmental projects/programme.