Insurance Implications of Poor Drainage

June 10, 2019

Can poor drainage affect your insurance?

Poor drainage or drainage which is not suitable for your property can have a negative effect on your insurance. During a home buyers purchase survey, the drainage system will always be noted. However, if living in a rural area which is not connected to the main sewer it is always recommended to get a further drainage survey done just to be sure of it’s condition.

Failing to do so, or living in a property for a long period of time without having this drainage system checked can result in none payments from an insurance company when trying to claim. There has been recorded incidences of homeowners reporting damages to their property due to poor drainage systems. Whether this is flooding, subsidence or waste coming back up the system; if the system is not properly managed some insurers will not pay out on grounds of negligence.

It is also vital to check that the drainage system is suitable for your property. Over the years Croft Drainage has assisted families in replacing septic tanks which were purely not fit for purpose. Depending on the area you live in and the surrounding amenities can affect the type of rural drainage system which should be installed, and always go through a reputable company.

Can poor drainage affect your property resale price?

While poor drainage can have a negative effect on the property resale price this is not always the rule of thumb. It is certainly something which will be flagged up on a survey when you’re looking to sell your home. In some cases, it could put off potential buyers if the poor drainage system has caused subsidence for example. In a bad housing market, the fact that a house has been underpinned or has a history of subsidence can be used to knock thousands off the price

However, in the current property market, it is less likely to make a huge impact on the price of the home but something still worth either checking out or sorting before your move.

Croft Drainage are on hand to help with these problems across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire so speak to our expert team today if you have any questions or concerns about the quality of your drainage system.