Water Supply

May 01, 2019

A householder’s guide to water supplies.

In a typical urban home setup whereby the home is connected to the mains water supply. Popes are buried below the paths and road which convey water from the distribution reservoir and pumping stations to the home. These water mains are normally made of iron, PVC, polyethene or asbestos cement. Communication pipes link the mains water supply to the boundary of the property and usually incorporates a stopcock which would be accessed by the water supplier should the supply needed isolating at street level. A supply pipe then conveys the water from the edge of the property, into the property boundaries and ultimately into the home. The supply enters the property below ground level and rises through the floor into the kitchen or wherever the internal stopcock is situated. Majority of houses have an internal stopcock meaning the mains water supply can be isolated within one property without affecting other homes on the same communication pipe.

Who is responsible for mains water pipework?

Generally speaking, when mains water supplies are concerned, the water supplier is responsible for the main street and for the pipework up to the communication pipe. In essence, anything outside the property boundary will be dealt with by the water supplier but anything within the property boundaries becomes the homeowner’s responsibility. Thereby any damages caused to these pipes would be at the homeowner’s discretion. This rule is only general, and there are many exceptions to the rule, particularly when there is no mains water in the street, originates from a private supply or is shared with an adjoining property.


Understand your responsibilities.

When buying a home a solicitor or conveyor will undertake property searches to determine the property owners liabilities. It is highly recommended that an additional drainage and waterways survey, also known as a pre-purchase survey; is conducted to ensure you understand the full picture. If your house does not connect to a mains water supply this is even more important and can save large unexpected costs in the long run.


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