Land Drainage Solutions – Keeping your livestock healthy

April 25, 2019

Ensuring the health of your livestock is an all year round job. Never more so in the wetter months. Land drainage solutions are just one way of maintaining a healthy habitat for your animals. Above all prevention and proactivity are the nest things you can do for your land and animals.


Land Drainage Solutions

Summer is the time to be thinking about what you can do to safeguard your land and livestock for the wet season. Is your land prepped and able to take everything the winter throws at it? If you’ve found in previous winters the land, paddock or barn area becoming waterlogged, it may be time to consider getting robust land drainage solutions in place. Wet ground can soften animals hooves leaving them susceptible to injury and illness.


A Crofts Drainage technician will  ascertain what type of soil you currently have using a percolation test. From there they can advise you on the right type of drainage system will be right for your land.


Prevention is better than the cure

Use the nicer weather to effectively prepare you stable, paddock or barn area. You can do this by ensuring all repairs are up to date and that your outhouses are in good condition. Has your animal stock increased this season? Are you facilities still big enough to provide comfort and shelter to your livestock? Consider making any extensions or builds while the weather is good.


Don’t forget the basics

If you are new to keeping animals, we’re sure you’ve done mounds of research. From small holders to largest of farms, it’s always important to remember the basics.

Always maintain a fresh water supply – This is essential to your livestock’s health and another important reason to ensure you have adequate land drainage solutions in place. Drinking stagnant water from water logged areas could make you animals ill.

Ensure animals are well fed – build up a good stock of feed for the winter months to ensure your livestock have the fuel they need to survive the winter.

Avoid mud – Again, drainage solutions are your friend here. Mud is the perfect breeding ground for nasty infections such as foot rot and thrush.

You can read more about keeping livestock healthy – disease control and prevention on the government website.


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