Our Environmental Impact

January 03, 2019

Croft Drainage is at the forefront of technology and caring for the environment. All of our work and advice centres around the environmental impact which we make.

Although we understand our impact on the environment and the impact our work has on it we do sometimes forget the small actions we can undertake that have a beneficial impact. This was highlighted recently on two jobs we undertook.

On the first one, the replacement of a system that did not comply with the General Binding Rules, the old media supported a number of toads, the customer wanted us to save them, a request we more than happy to comply with. So prior to the old system being taken out, it was made safe and the toads were removed by hand and passed over tot the property owners for rehousing on their land. One is shown below before removal.

croft drainage, frog in drain

The second job involved working near the base of hedge this winter, during the work we came a cross a hibernating hedgehog in the debris we were moving. After speaking to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society we rehomed him in a local garden and will keep an eye on him over the next few months.

croft drainage, hedgehog

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