Who We Are

Who we are overview

Croft Drainage Solutions is managed by a small team who collectively have around 40 year’s experience in the drainage and water industry. A bit about who we are – we have delivered a range of drainage and environmental projects across the UK. Our work is all about “improving your system’s performance”.  We offer a wide range of drainage services, and we cover the areas of  Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Why we do it

Creating, altering, repairing or maintaining a drainage system or water supply system can have a huge positive impact on people’s lives. When done well it can be a rewarding experience for everybody involved.

Unfortunately, in our experience, employing contractors is not always all that it should be. In fact, it fills some people with dread. This can be for all sorts of reasons. Such as a previous bad experience, consumer journalism, a cautionary tale from a friend, or just a fertile imagination.

Sometimes however this feeling of woe relates to the Contractor’s inability to gain the confidence of a potential customer.  That may be because of a lack of understanding of the client requirements, not being forthcoming with the right solutions, or just not going that extra mile to deliver great service. This is what Croft Drainage Solutions aims to put right.

What you will get

It’s not rocket science, but we have spent 40 years thinking about what great service would look like that would delight our clients time after time. Below is our approach which seems to work well according to our customers:

  • Listen First: Croft spend time listening to our customer’s problems so we deliver:
    • The work needed to ensure the system is working
    • Work that allows the system to meet all environmental and planning regulations
    • A sustainable solution
    • To the client’s required outcomes
    • Good value.

When we think we understand our clients’ needs and hopes we confirm them back just to make sure. In our view this is the most important part of our process.

Offer value solutions

Once we understand every aspect of the proposed project we offer, where appropriate various knowledge based solutions. We point out the strengths and weakness of each across a multitude of criteria. Such as speed of construction, longevity, certainty of cost, impact on users during construction, safety, environmental considerations, and any other criteria our client thinks relevant.

Another aspect of the value we offer is the reassurance and comfort that we will do what we say. This is best exemplified by our professional and corporate membership of the international Chartered Institute of Building.

Build relationships

We build our future on our past, so delighting our clients is at the top of our priority list. To check that we are achieving this we get feedback through various methods. The customer questionnaire is one of our favourites. We then tweak our systems if necessary. We are rated as very good across all the criteria we check against.

When you choose us, this is what you will get, time and time again:

  • An experienced, knowledgeable, professional and friendly bunch of people. Who will spend time understanding your needs then delight you during all aspects of the construction process
  • We are British Water Accredited and have over 40 year’s experience dealing with all drainage and water related problems from a blocked drain or burst water pipe to installing state of the art sewage treatment plants
  • An approach based on offering you the best value solutions
  • We will help you through the process from identification of the problem to repair or design.  And then drainage installation if needed
  • No unwanted surprises. We will deliver the outcomes that we agreed with you at commencement
  • The comfort of dealing with a small organisation recognised at the highest level, as a Chartered Building Company
  • We are in it for the long term and are fully committed to building relationships. Which mean our customers do not hesitate coming back to us.