Failed Drainage Field

Case study: Failed Septic Tank Drainage Field Pipe

Failed drainage field pipe

Blocked Drainage Field Pipework

Location: Rural property near Newark, Nottinghamshire

The problem: The drainage field to the septic tank had failed

The solution: We installed a new drainage field

Benefit to the client: The septic tank worked as designed

The problem

After the clients moved into the property the septic tank backed up causing problems with the drains the toilets.

The solution

The exiting septic tank was in good condition and before the drainage field failed it worked well. When the drainage field was exposed it had been installed too deeply leading to the premature failure of the system due to biomass growth in the pipework.

We installed a new drainage field at a shallower depth to the same dimensions as the one originally designed and installed.

Area after failed drainage field pipe replaced

Completed installation

More information on drainage fields can be found on the British Water site. If you would like to talk to us about your problem please get in touch.