The Price We Quote Is The Price You Pay

May 03, 2019

Croft Drainage Solutions are a family run, local; East Midlands and Lincolnshire based company which cares.

Recently, we discovered some figures from all the quotes for work which we have done over the years.

This led us to the figure of over 95% of contracts are delivered by the first quoted price!

So how do we do it?

  • We listen, because we really take the time to listen we understand your exact requirements before offering a quote.
  • We care, we are in it for the love it. We care about our customers and want them to be happy so we only quote what we believe to be correct.
  • We are experts, having over 40 years experience really means something. There are very few situations which we have not come across so we are very knowledgable on costs.
  • We are a small company, so our reputation means a lot to us. We want to grow our satisfied customer reviews and be seen as a friendly, local and professional business.
  • We are a Chartered Building Company. which means we are regulated, for your peace of mind.

The small 5% of quotes which were varying costs to the first price only occurred due to unforeseen ground conditions and on these occasions, these prices varied only slightly.


Our Promise To You

Croft Drainage Solutions promise to always give a fair and reasonable price. We always offer free and impartial advice, along with site visits so we can properly understand the work to be done.

We promise to talk over the quote in detail so there are no hidden surprises and you understand completely what we will be doing on your property or land.

If you want more information on Croft Drainage Solutions or why choose us, please get in contact with our expert team.